Upcycling at the Hybrid Homestead: Greenhouse Seedling Tables

Here at Farm to Family Ranch; we are making the most of our time being furloughed and in need of a “new normal” when the Shelter in Place orders are lifted.  We are putting our efforts into upgrading the farm to be more efficient and user friendly.  We are using materials on hand at our ranch to upcycle into useful, innovative, equipment.  Redwood lumber for this project were taken from our barn, where it was no longer in use. Doug Fir lumber was scavenged from old projects, or dismantled structures. Growing trays are being re-purposed from an old indoor growing project. As we scavenge materials for upcycling and repurposing, we have come to call our collection of materials “The Covid Store”; and we try not to shop anywhere else. Nothing new was purchased to create this amazing, functional seedling growing table.

Fitting seedling tables into basic framework.

We are re-purposing the old tomato trellis that was already installed in the greenhouse and the north, framed wall of the greenhouse as the foundation for the seedling tables. The 6×6 beams set in concrete and the studs in the north, framed wall are being used to hang the edges of the tables. The tables are set with a slight slope to allow for draining.

Seedling table construction

Studs in the north wall are notched for the horizontal support beams to take the weight of water soaked soil. Horizontal support beams beneath the tables also help to bear the weight of these tables once they are filled with plants. All horizontal beams that stretch from the wall to the vertical 6x6s are set with a slight slope to allow for drainage. All tables are conveniently set at hip height to prevent bending.

Framing detail

Framing for this structure occurred at the same time as table installation. Each table edge is sitting on horizontal beams.

Framing detail

Here in the framing detail, the framing that each table sits inside of is seen. In between tables, there are two 2x4s – one for each table to have its own frame.

Completed framing with seedling tables installed

Extra foundation blocks with notched 4x4s were added for additional support.

First Seedlings in the Re-Purposed Seedling Tables

Here we have our first round of seedlings loving their growing spot.