Parsley, an amazing supergreen!!

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20180614_112242.jpgParsley is one of the most nutrient packed greens out there!


A Most Flavorful, Nutritive Green

Parsley is more than just a garnish; it is a flavorful, nutrient-rich green.  Parsley is a relative of celery and was once referred to as “rock celery”.  Mostly we see parsley as a garnish and used for good breath following a meal.  You may be surprised to know that parsley contains Vitamins K, C, & A; folate; iron; copper; potassium; magnesium, fiber, calcium; manganese; phosphorus; zinc; and vitamins B3 & B1.  Parsley is like the unsung hero of the vegetable world.  I use parsley all the time in many dishes:  meatballs, pesto, on sandwiches, in smoothies, in salads, in soups, in stews, in falafels, on chopped on top of brussel sprouts or asparagus, and countless more… Not only does it taste great, it is packed with vital nutrients. 

Author: Cathy

I am a micro organic farmer, dedicated to growing healthy soils and ecosystems as a basis for growing nutritionally dense food. Greetings from Farm to Family we are an off-grid homestead that is still connected to civilization and technology... like a “Jetsons” “Little House On the Prairie” fusion. We are all about independence and self sufficiency here on our homestead, yet we are still strongly connected to community and outside resources to obtain and maintain our self sufficiency. We generate our own electricity and have our own water source. We are working towards not working a 9-5 ever again, and the pandemic has been the bomb in our lives that is forcing that reality. Think Globally, Act Locally We created Farm to Family to share the knowledge and skills we have so we may become self sufficient; and hopefully others may follow our lead to self-sufficiency. Our global culture needs a massive life style change that can lead to self-sufficiency of our species. Currently, humans are manipulating Earth’s resources and cycles to a point that our weather patterns have changed, species are going extinct, and ecosystems & biomes are threatened. If we all work separately at our own homes, but together at developing new lifestyles; we can create worldwide change for the better of Earth and all of her inhabitants! Let’s come together as a community of like minded individuals who want new, Earth friendly lifestyles and share our knowledge.

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